The History of Potty Training in One Day

The concept of potty training using potty training dolls was introduced in 1974 by two psychologists named Nathan H. Azrin Ph.D and Richard M. Foxx in their book "Toilet Training in Less Than a Day". The potty training doll is used to help teach your child the correct behavior, then you have the child "teach" the doll.

Azrin and Foxx figured out this method while trying to come up with a way to teach children with special needs how to use the toilet. They then applied the method on average children and found that it speed up potty training to under a day. They published their potty training method in "Toilet Training in Less Than a Day". Since publication, it has sold over a million of copies.

Dr Phil PhotographSince then, several potty training books for parents such as "Potty Training for Dummies"& "The Everything Potty Training Book" have talked about using potty training dolls for potty training, but not until Dr. Phil has this method become really popular.

Dr Phil has done two shows on Potty Training in One Day. His first show aired on November 8th, 2002 and the second show in prime time on September 22nd, 2004.

Dr. Phil's first show was part of a series called "How to get your child to..." where he covered topics such as sleep through the night, eat what you eat and of course potty training.

On this show, he showed 3 mothers how to potty their children using a potty doll and how to do it in one day. (This is the show that inspired me to invent the potty training dolls - Potty Scotty and Potty Patty).

Since Dr. Phil's first show there are many stores out there selling potty training dolls.

Some are even claiming to be recommended by Dr. Phil. He has NOT recommended any potty training doll specifically. All he tells you is that you need a doll that wets.

Dr. Phil inspired me to create The Complete "Potty Train in One Day" Program for Boys & Girls with Potty Training Dolls - Potty Scotty and Potty Patty.

I have of course written him and told him about this. I hope to be on his show in the near future!

His second show was part of the promotion for his new book "Family First".

He did a show in prime time, instead of his regular afternoon show. The show was called "Dr Phil. A PRIME TIME SPECIAL Family First".

With the help of celebrity moms Holly Robinson Peete and Vanessa Marcil, Dr Phil shows you how to potty train your toddler in one day.
On this show, with the help of celebrity moms Holly Robinson Peete and Vanessa Marcil, Dr. Phil, once again showed us how to potty train our children in one day using potty training dolls.

On this show he covered topics such as parenting mistakes, raising your child's IQ, spoiling your child rotten and of course he had many celebrities like Patricia Heaton from Everybody Loves Raymond, Amy Brennerman from Judging Amy talking about the challenges of being a working parent.

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