Why use Potty Training Pants?

Why Use Training Pants for Potty Training?

I have been asked this question a number of times - and it is question worth addressing, especially in today busy world where it would seem that we are going backwards instead of forwards.

As parents, most of us are over committed and our lives are extremely busy. So, why should we consider using washable training pants for potty training when it will take more effort and time from the parent, especially when compared to using a disposable training pants instead.

The answer is simple - because it is easier for your child to learn the natural consequence of potty accidents with washable training pants than it is with disposable training pants.

Not to say that your child will not learn the natural consequences of potty accidents with disposables - he will , but the learning impact is significantly greater with training pants and more specifically with cloth training pants.

With cloth training pants, the absorbent center panel will contain some of the accident and thus the training pants will stay wet and thus your child will learn that potty accidents lead to feeling wet and feeling wet is not a comfortable feeling.

If you child happens to have a full blown accident, the cloth training pants will not contain the whole accident, so chance are your child will feel a lot more of the wetness.

Yes, this is a lot more work and effort for you the parent, however, your child will very quickly learn the natural consequences of potty accidents and if he is like most people, he will not like the feeling of being wet - which then should motivate and lead him to use the potty or the toilet.

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