Signs of Potty Training Readiness

There are 3 questions when starting to potty train you need to ask yourself.

This article answers the first question, "Is your child ready?". It might be hard to determine if your child is ready, but there are some signs to look for. Keep reading for more information, and good luck!

1) Physiological readiness signs for potty training are (Bladder & Bowel Control) :

  • Child's awareness of the need to go - demonstrated by squatting, grunting, hiding when child feels need to eliminate.

  • No BM's through the night

  • Dry diaper for long periods of time i.e. from long naps and/or in the morning.

  • Urinate a lot at one time (vs. a little through out the day)

  • Some regularity of bowel movements.

2) Motor Skills readiness signs for potty training are:

  • Is your child able to undress him/herself?

  • Is your child able to pull his/her underpants down?

  • Is your child able to pull his/her pants down?

3) Verbal and Cognitive readiness signs for potty training are:

  • Your child can follow instructions - from simple instruction such as show me your nose, to more complex instructions such as putting away toys where they belong.

  • Has the vocabulary required to follow your instructions - i.e. understands words such as potty, toilet, wet, dry, underwear, "big girl" etc.

  • Is able to imitate behavior.

4) Emotional growth and social awareness readiness signs for potty training are:

  • Desire to master one's own body and environment - manifested by "I can do it" or "I am a big boy/girl now"

  • Child's desire for parental approval

  • Child's desire to imitate and desire to be like others

What Next?

So, your child is ready!! Are you ready? Please read through our article on Parent Readiness.

There are also some more great potty training tips and articles, don't forget to check them all out!!

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Thee OHIO method, little girl potty training with her doll :) (2/22/2012) Reviewer: Kathleen Rahn (Wauseon, Ohio) I was married into a large family. So when we started our family so did my husband's sister. I started our daughter Katy at the age of 20 months. I went out and got a cheap baby doll. One that I could put in the tub and push the doll's tummy until she held water. Put the doll onto the potty chair and push the doll's tummy until the doll would start to pee. We would let Katy play with the doll doing what we had just done. When Katy saw the doll on HER potty chair, it suddenly dawn on her. She didn't like sharing her potty chair or she just didn't like all the attention we made over the doll peeing. This method was cheap, the cost of the doll. But when my nieces came over they ended up sharing the potty chair with Katy. It was a blast watching both of them almost pee their self to death:) When we had our next 2 girls we were building our house and pond. We told the girls if they pee in the pond it would show up as a red color. They would run out of the pond and then pee on the hill in the grass. It always helps if you can manage potty training in the spring,summer or fall. I feel that it matters WHO is really ready for potty training. The parent(s) or the child. When they (the child) can clearly speak 5 to 9 word sentences, that child is ready. Good Luck, remember to log this (achievement) into the child's baby book. Only for the point, when that child grows up, they will want to know their age when potty training took place.
Potty Training (9/15/2011) Reviewer: Carla (Iroquois, ILL) I have a daughter that is 3yr. She can pull her pants down. But every time I take her to the potty she does not go. I started out with taking her up every hour then she still did not want to go. So now I am taking her every 2 hr. I have cut back on drinks. I need some advice to see if i will be willing to try any thing.