Potty Training Tip for February 2010

Remember, Your Child Cannot Fail!*

The majority of calls and e-mails we receive, here at the Potty Training Concepts Headquarters, are from Frustrated parents, that feel like they have tried everything to potty train their child, and don't understand why their bright child has not gotten it down.

When one of these calls or e-mails comes across my desk, the first thing I let them know, and you should remember is; it's understandable to be frustrated, your not alone many parents go through delays in potty training, and No Child Goes to College in Diapers*.

What this means is Your child Cannot Fail, they may not get the whole process in the time frame you would like, but they will get it, *barring any untreatable medical issue. While we all know this deep down, but sometimes we need an authority figure on the subject to reaffirm our beliefs.

Karen Deerwester, Ed.S. - Parent Educator and Early Childhood Specialist, in 2007 wrote in her book The Potty Training Answer Book that all children are potty trained in good time. Naturally, there are obstacles and setbacks, and potty training rarely goes the way you imagine. However, if you are prepared and realistic about your child and your situation, potty training is a fun and positive experience. You will not fail.

Potty Training is a natural step in development. Your child has been growing at incredible speed or the last few years. Just as they learned to walk, talk, sing, dance, climb, and laugh, they now want to take care of their body. Just as they learned to imitate, pretend, be serious, and be silly, they now want to learn more and do more. Although it felt great for a while to have someone else meeting all their needs they now realize the satisfaction and joy of acting on their own. The first time your toddler looked at you and said "No," your little one began their growth toward independence.

Potty training is an inevitable rite of passage for you and your child. Together you will learn to use developmentalskills to accomplish a task that signals a move from one stage of dependency to a new stage of independence. You and your child are growing. Shout "Hooray!"

So whether you are the parent frustrated and at your wits end, or the parent apprehensive and anxious about to begin remember these 3 things;

1. Take a deep breath.

2. Remember, learning life skills take time, and Patience.

3. Your Child Cannot Fail.*

Hope this page will become one of your favorites, and helps you tremendously.


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