Potty Training Tip for July 2010

At Your Wits End!


Does it seem like your about to yank your hair out? Have you tried everything you know to get your little one to go potty in the Right place? Does it seem like that precious child of yours is purposefully not going in the potty? Have you caught yourself almost snapping at your adorable darling?

Believe me I understand, how you are feeling the emotions of frustration and anger can sometime seem like constants in a parent's world. So this month we will be providing tips that will help you stay cool when you get hot under the collar.

Linda Sonna, Ph.D. - Author and Educator provides, in her 2003 book The Everything Potty Training Book a list of Anger Management Techniques. These techniques are not only great for you the parent but can also be taught to your child.

  • Take some slow, deep breaths and count to ten.
  • Force yourself to smile. The very act of curving your lips into a grin reduces tension.
  • Compile a book of jokes and cartoons that strike you as particular humorous and read them when you are upset.
  • Find something funny in the situation
  • Drink a cup of chamomile tea.
  • Have a turkey sandwich made with whole wheat bread. The tryptophan and carbohydrate combination induces a sense of well being.
  • Put on some lotion scented with real (not artificial) lavender.
  • Play some relaxing music, sit down, close your eyes, take slow deep breaths, and visualize a relaxing scene such as a beach, forest, or expanse of blue sky.
  • Put your toddler in a stroller and go for a brisk walk. Exert yourself long enough for your system to release endorphins.
  • Pound a pillow, shred old magazines, or club a sturdy tree trunk.

Try a few of these methods to calm down so that you can keep things into perspective. Also remember your not the only one going through this. We have a Message Board where parents can ask each other or members of our Potty Training Concepts Staff questions. We are also willing to assist you via e-mail and phone.

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