Potty Training Tip for June 2010

Potty Training Attire


When you decided to potty train your child your mind generally wanders to what method to try, what supplies will be needed, how long will it take, and what will you do if you hit a snag.

While these are all very important questions I find a lot of parents forget an equally important question. That question is; How should I dress my child during potty training.

This is an important question because the right Potty Training Attire can either enhance or discourage your childs attempts.

Diane Stafford - Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Health & Fitness magazine, and Jennifer Shoquist, M.D.- A Family Practice Physician wrote in their book, Potty Training for Dummies, that you should dress your child in loose fitting, easily pulled up or down items.

This allow your child to pull the impeeding garment off easily so that they can successfully go in the potty. This shows your child they can do it and makes them want to keep succeeding.

When a child has to struggle with their clothing they generally have more accidents since it takes them longer, and they take their focus off holding it in and put it on the snap or button that won't budge. Even the slightest of leaking can negatively effect your child's self esteem, since they may think they can't do this so why bother.


In addition to the fit of the attire you place your child in you should also consider what type of underpant you are going to use. There are many different kinds from disposable pull ups, generally frowned upon during potty training, to character underwear.

A few things to keep in mind when selecting what type of undergarment to put on your child are;

Disposables, while convenient, they do not generally let the child feel that they are wet. The feeling of wetness is a very big motivator for many children.

Training Pants, come in a variety of types from Cotton Padded which are designed to allow the child to pull them on and off easily, to waterproof training pants that prevent the mess from leeking out while still letting the child feel wet. One big advantage of these are they are reusable which makes them both Cost Effective and Eco Friendly.

Character Underwear, allow your child to feel wet as well but do not hold the moisture in until the child can be changed. These types of pants are generally used as an incentive for the child to master keeping their training pants dry so that they can wear underwear with their favorite character on them.

Phrases such as "Once we keep your trainers dry we can switch to Thomas undies, since Thomas doesn't like to get messy." This gives the child a reward to work for and an example that their character doesn't like to be messy so they shouldn't either.

So remember the next time your dressing your little potty trainer to make it an easy on, easy off outfit so they can focus on the steps in potty training and not the buckles, laces, and zippers that can hold them back.


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