Potty Training Tip for May 2010

Potty Training While Traveling


Well it's May and that means Summer Vacation is right around the corner. This also means that some of you are trying to figure out how you are going to do all your summer activities, while your little one is potty training.

Since, summer is filled with activities and trips we are going to provide a few tips that will help you and your family enjoy this time of year without letting potty training stand in the way.

Diane Stafford - Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Health & Fitness magazine, and Jennifer Shoquist, M.D.- A Family Practice Physician wrote in their book, Potty Training for Dummies ,that while traveling with a Potty Trainee you should always carry a roll of tissue paper for when you run across that trip demon - the paper-less toilet stall.

They also advise that you carry the following list of supplies whether you are going out to the store or on a road trip.

  1. Extra undies, pants, shoes, socks
  2. Clean up materials for the kid and the car
  3. A travel potty
  4. And again a roll of tissue paper.

Having these items on hand may seem second nature since, you've had most of them on hand everyday since your child was born, but it's wise to add them to your packing check list.

Also, remember to explain to your little one that you are willing to stop as soon as you can when they tell you they have to go. This will assure them that their needs are important and that you are prepared to help them if they need it. So make sure Dad's calculating the travel time with this in mind and not trying to beat his time record from last years trip.

If you are traveling with a potty training beginner then they should be sincere when they tell you they have to go, unlike the older ones that see McDonald's Golden arches and deem its time to go to the bathroom/playground.

I remember my daughter had to potty every time we hit a city or a a truck stop area, after the fourth break on our cross state trip I realized, thanks to the McDonald's bags in the back seat, what she was doing.

Unfortunately, I was not willing to let her have an accident so if she said she had to go we went. Our following trip I made sure to bring a travel potty and that is where she would go, and the end to the McDonald's cross country tour.

So have a great summer and remember to be prepared to stop when they need to go and to carry essentials that will help you and your family get through any bumps in the road.



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