What if I Can't Potty Train by Preschool?

"Pressuring your child, because of time, to use the toilet never works! While they want their child in a preschool program, or in the room at the childcare center with same-aged friends, parents' hands are sometimes tied.

If the child refuses to use the toilet, or just isn't ready, or isn't interested, the preschool you were planning on may not be possible. If you can't complete training in time for the first day of school, work with the teacher. Ask, "Can I send my child to school in disposable training pants?"

Talking with the preschool teacher can often lead to solutions.The teacher might be able to shed some light on the problem. Learn about the school's schedule, and what they say and do with the children.

Whatever you decide to do, don't pressure your child by saying, "In two months, preschool starts. You've just got to learn to use the toilet or you can't go."

Although this information is correct, it will likely not motivate your child to use the toilet. Your child has no idea just when two months is, and he does not know what to do to learn to use the toilet. More likely, he will see how pressured you feel, and respond with even more reluctance." (Schonwald)

What's a parent to do? Read more on Getting Potty Trained Before Preschool

Schonwald, Alison D., and George Sheldon. The Pocket Idiot's Guide to Potty Training Problems. Indianapolis, IN: Alpha, 2006. Print.

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