Potty Training for Divorced Parents

Many parents share custody of their children, which presents a unique problem when it comes to potty training.

Here are some tips to be successful:

  • Don't start during a stressful time
  • Don't set deadlines (for you or the child)
  • Accidents are going to happen - stay calm
  • Don't force the issue

It's best to discuss potty training with all parties invovled and agree on a strategy before you start.

Knowing what the other households/school is doing is going to increase the success and stability for the child/children. Both parents need to be informed about potty training and have the necessary potty training products & aids. The more consistent things are in both places, the easier this will be for your little one.

  • Decide on an approach and jot down the important points.
  • Buy two identical potty chairs and keep them in the same place in both homes, such as next to the adult toilet.
  • Purchase duplicate sets of training pants or underwear to be kept at both homes.
  • If you are going to use potty charts, have two of the same, and if you reward with prizes, stickers, or treats, do so at both places.

Of course, there are times when 2 parents do not communicate or agree on issues such as this. In that case be certain that the experience is pleasant and consistent in your home, and be patient.

Children are remarkably resilient, and your child will master toilet training even if both situations aren't perfectly aligned. But being consistent will increase the chances for quick success.

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