How do I know if my toilet set is round or elongated?

The most common residential toilet bowl used to be round, especially when space was tight, but the trend is now to elongated bowls.

Most commercial bowls are elongated. Round bowls take up less space and are easier to clean around, but men tend to prefer elongated bowls because of this extra space in front. An elongated bowl is approx. two inches longer than a round bowl. This results in a larger target area and less drip on the bowl, thus improving sanitary conditions.

SIZE is important when you're buying a flip toilet potty seat.
Measure your toilet to determine whether your bowl is

  • elongated (approximately 18 1/2" long)

  • round (approximately 16 1/2" long)

Measure from center front of bowl to center of the hinge post holes (Not the Tank) . In the U.S., the standard distance between hinge post holes is 5 1/2". Click on the size of your fixture above.





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Thank YOU (1/8/2010) Reviewer: Chantel (Calgary, AB) Thank you so much for this EASY to follow guide - I was able to purchase the RIGHT seat for us immediately!