Dinosaur vs The Potty

Dinosaur vs The Potty
Dinosaur vs The Potty
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Dinosaur vs. the Potty is a fun and colorful book about a not-so-ferocious red dinosaur taking on different things. He takes on lemonade, sprinklers, juice boxes and much more...and he still doesn't have to potty.

But towards then end, even after the potty dance, he still has to go. Will he make it? Read to find out....

This is a great hard cover book that will have you and your child laughing and talking about going potty.

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Product Specifications

Color Green , Black
Product Type Books
Product Gender Male
Theme Dinosaurs , By Animal
Product Audience Kids
Book Purpose Potty Training Book
Publisher Hyperion Books
Potty Training Book Type General Method PT Book
Language English
Theme Elements Dinosaurs

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