Begin Smart Lily's Potty [Board book]

Begin Smart Lily's Potty [Board book]
Begin Smart Lily's Potty [Board book]
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Lily's Potty (board book) is a potty training book that will have your little girl engaged in Lily and her potty.

In the book Lily searches around the house to find her potty at potty-time. Colorful illustrations throughout the books show how Lily learns to use her potty.

We have a book for boys called Pete's Potty which has the same story but from boy named Pete's perspective. It makes potty-time perfect!

There are many other potty books for girls that help little girls understand potty training a little better!

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Product Specifications

Color White , Black
Product Type Books
Product Gender Female
Product Audience Kids
Book Purpose Potty Training Book
Publisher Begin Smart
Potty Training Book Type Interactive PT Book
Language English
Book Type Board Book

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My daughter likes it but mama doesn't! (Jun 11, 2016) Reviewer: Rebecca Zwettler I am familiar with this series of books and so I was excited to buy this book. My three year old seems to enjoy it but the text is basically just repeated over and over. The author even rhymes pee with pee. It doesn't really talk to the child about the potty process it only says that the potty is for poo and pee. I would not recommend this book. There are better potty books out there!