Bed Wetting Alarm for Boys - The Nite Train-r

Bed Wetting Alarm for Boys - The Nite Train-r
Bed Wetting Alarm for Boys - The Nite Train-r
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Using a bed wetting alarm is a highly effective, medicallyproven way to stop bed wetting forever. This bed wetting alarm - theNite Train-r for boys consists of a small transistorized alarm and two,long-lasting moisture-sensing pads. It only takes one or two drops ofurine to set off the alarm. This awakens the bed wetter so he cango to the bathroom normally. (There is no possibility of electric shockfrom the alarm system.)

This bed wetting alarm for boys is a compact, moisture-sensing device worn on the body. Thealarm is set off with as little as one or two drops of urine andawakens your son before the entire bladder is emptied. Deviceconsists of alarm box and non-absorbent sensor pad.

The NiteTrain'r bed wetting alarm is a moisture-sensing device for children who wet. Itconsists of a small plastic alarm box that attaches to the shoulderarea of the child's pajama or tee shirt and a nonabsorbent sensor pad,designed specifically for boys, worn over the genitals and held inplace (INSIDE the underwear) with a pair of snug-fitting briefs.

The plastic box unit contains a miniaturized electronics alarm and a 9-voltbattery. The NiteTrain'r has a built-in dual-volume control switch for thealarm (high/low). The moisture-sensing pad may be uncomfortable towear. Included with every alarm are instructions for use, a progresschart and two moisture-sensing pads. One 9V battery included.


  • A clinically effective approach to stop bedwetting
  • Sensor pad designed specifically for your son's comfort
  • Sensor will respond to the first drops of moisture
  • Alarm is activated with one or two drops of urine
  • Awakens wearer before bladder is emptied
  • Each alarm comes with instructions for use, a progress chart, and two moisture-sensing pads
  • Compact
  • Batteries included
  • Backed by a 60 day warranty

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