Bed Wetting Bundle of Savings

Bed Wetting Bundle of Savings
Bed Wetting Bundle of Savings Bed Wetting Bundle of Savings Bed Wetting Bundle of Savings
List Price: $98.95 Our Price: $81.95 Sale: $65.56 You Save: $33.39 (34%)
Size (pants): 2-4 (20-40 lbs) 4-6 (30-50 lbs) 6-8 (40-60 lbs) 8-10 (50-70 lbs)

This Bed wetting Bundle of savings is ideal for parents whose child is potty trained during the day but is still wetting the bed at night occasionally.

Night-time wetting is a common occurrence in the potty training process, but that certainly doesn't mean it is an enjoyable event!

Included in the Bedwetting Bundle of Savings:

  • 2 Mattress Pads

This twin size waterproof mattress pad and cover will make your life a whole lot easier.  You won't have to strip your child's entire bed, each time your child has a potty accident.  Simply place the mattress pad over your child's bed sheets.

The quilted top is 100% cotton and 180 thread count, so it is very comfortable for your child to lie on top of this mattress pad.

The extra absorbent padding will contain the mess when your child has an accident.  The PUL waterproof fabric will keep the sheets dry.  Clean up is super easy!

  • 2 Night Time Training Pants

These Night Time Training Pants are waterproof and extra absorbent and will contain an accident better; however, they will still feel wet, so your child will know that he/she has wet underwear.

The outer shell is a very soft waterproof fabric; it is not vinyl or plastic it is fabric, so it feels very nice to touch; The inside is lined with a layer of a very soft and absorbent terry fabric. The middle layer is padded with fiber sponge for super absorbency.

Night-time wetting can be both Expensive and Time consuming.  If you are tired of having to wash the same mattress pad every night, but don't want to spend big bucks, then this Bedwetting Bundle is right up your alley!


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Product Specifications

Color White , Black
Product Type Potty Training Kits
Product Gender Unisex

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So far so good (May 28, 2013) Reviewer: Heather Mercer My son is a heavy nighttime wetter. I use the mattress pads and overnight underwear together. He's been waking up soaked by 4:30 am but the mattress pad is dry and so is the bed. I feel better having him in these than disposables.