Having Several Accidents After the Big Day

Hi Narmin!

We have been trying to potty train my daughter, Ruby, since May 22nd where we attempted to train in one day...she did well after seeing Potty Patty go once in the potty, however, she has not been consistent and has had several accidents including BM. She isn't quite 2 and 1/2 - she was born on... I think we should stop and start again in a few weeks, however, my husband doesn't agree. I have asked Ruby about going back to diapers and she doesn't want to...any ideas or suggestions?


Hello Julia,

I am sorry to hear that Ruby is struggling with potty training. Usually, when children are struggling, there is a good reason behind it; the challenge for parents is figuring out what is the reason behind the struggle.

I am guessing that you reviewed all the readiness signals and were comfortable that she was ready? Here is the link to some details behind readiness, and if you feel that she is indeed ready, then go on (I have suggestion below) and if not, then stop.

If you think that she is indeed ready, but is struggling for other reasons, then this article will hopefully help in identifying the reason for her struggle. Once you know why she is struggling, then you can come up with a plan to address that issue and hopefully that will get her over the hurdle.

I hope these suggestions and articles help you decide (objectively!!) whether you should you stop or continue.

Please keep me informed and as always, I am here if you have any other questions.

Hope you are having a great day.


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My daughter is totally upset with her daughter. (9/5/2014) Reviewer: Debbie

Her daughter has been potty trained just a little over a month. She had been doing so good and this past week her daughter has started peeing in her pants. I told her I never had that problem with them growing up. But I did have the problem with my middle daughter doing that she had a urinary track infection. that is the only thing I could thinking. I don't want to make her upset but I told her to see if she had a infection. Or just wasn't just ready to be potty train.

I just wondering if any body else is having the same problem because she is doing the BM's in the potty but not peeing in potty anymore.

PTC Comment:We would like to say that it is perfectly normal for some children to regress after having potty trained. And sometimes it is for simple reasons such as a change in their schedule, something new to their little routines, etc. It just takes patience and consistency with their potty training to get them back on the right track. Do not give up, just kindly encourage them to continue going to the potty.

It can be very stressful just to think that you are having to start all over again, but they will come back a lot quicker now that they had actually begun their potty training. Before you know it your child will be back to where they were.

Struggling guidian with potty training (3/14/2012) Reviewer: Alisha Christine Jackson (Auckland, Otara) Hello my name is Alisha and my mum and I are struggling to take my 5 year old niece to the toilet we have had come up with so many strategies in taking my niece to the toilet and its still not working. At school the principal has come up with a new tack for Stacey, if she has an accident she will be sent home even though my niece loves going to school but that was the only policy that the principal had come up with. At the moment me and my mum have got no idea what we can do with Stacey and her having so many accidents at one stage she was doing great by not having any accidents but now its come back again please help me and my mum what we can do please