Potty Training Help: How Do I Make My Daughter Go In The Potty?


I am writing in regards to toilet training my 2 1/2 year old daughter. I decided that since she has shown all the signs that she is ready, that I would try the Potty Training in Less Than a Day method. She has an older sister (big girl) and a younger brother (baby) that I thought would make perfect examples for her. I read the book, bought a wetting doll, had the drink supply and lots of treats, snacks and rewards. I felt that I fully understood the concept and steps to take. I even tried to memorize some of the mother/child conversation from the book so that I could "say the right things". My daughter took to the doll immediately and within no time at all was successfully teaching the doll to use the toilet. She even displayed to me that she could follow all the instructions to correctly use the toilet. I gave her at least 3 cups of juice (8 ounces each) and she still did not urinate! She did not refuse sitting on the potty at all. She continued to willingly sit on the potty and continued to pass the dry pants inspections.

It was not until she started complaining of back and belly pain that I became concerned about this method of toilet training. About 3 1/3 hours into training, she had a small amount of loose bowel in her panties (no urine). She was very upset about this. I helped her clean herself up, still went through the practice steps with her, and restated verbally how to use the toilet. Since she took to the doll so well, I decided to have her help Dolly go potty again...with much success. I even used the toilet, praising and rewarding myself. I stuck to the task even though she was becoming noticeably tired, but interested. She then (6 hours into training) had a urination (finally) accident and I handled it the same way the book described. She continued to drink many fluids. Basically, I am not sure what to do. She seems to have the concept of using the toilet. She shows interest. She has no issues with sitting on the toilet. What should I do? She seems to have some issue with relaxing her muscles. How can I help her? Should I seek a different method to train her.

Thank you so much for any advise that you can offer to me.


Hello Sarah,

I am sorry that it has taken me a couple of days to get back to you. I have been out of town and had limited email access.

It has been a couple of days since your email, so how are you and your daughter doing? Have things gotten better? I certainly hope that they have.

From reading your email, I think you have figured it out. Basically she is not relaxing her sphincter muscles so that she can actually pass the urine. My suggestions on how to this are included in The Parent's Potty Guide: How to Potty Train in One Day.

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Single dad needs help (7/18/2012) Reviewer: charles lee (austin, tx)

I am a single dad raising a little girl. She is almost four and still doesn't know how to use the potty.

Every time I tell her to let me know when she needs to go she either waits till its too late or she doesn't say anything at all. It hard because I don't feel comfortable cleaning her private area because she jumps and twitches when I wipe her. She doesn't have any kind of rash or anything.

Can someone help me out here and tell me what I should try next.

need advice on how to potty train my 3 year old (4/29/2012) Reviewer: Angela (Oklahoma City, OK) My daughter has been through a lot me and her father split up and getting a divorce so it seems as if she doesn't want to go to the potty when i tell her to go to the potty she tells me no and when i take her she screams and cries when i go with her and i go to the potty first and she gets on she will do it..but that's the only time i just want her to learn to go on her own without me saying anything..she is consistently using the potty in her pullup. Any advice for me i really need it..thank you
Potty Training help for my 3 1/2 year old girl (4/19/2011) Reviewer: Kim Majewski (fairport, ny) I need help on how to get my 3 almost 4 year old daughter to start going on the potty. She shows interest but when it comes to actually doing it, it is like pulling teeth. she goes in her pants and then tells me to change her.

PTC Comments:

Make sure you make it a fun activity with reward charts and stickers. Make it as fun as possible.

any help would be great.