What do I do About Night Time Accidents?

Hi Narmin,

My daughter and I had our "Big Day" last Thursday. Since then, she has had 5 accidents during the day and two and night. My question is what do I do about the nighttime accidents? Should she practice 9 times going to the potty? Or since the accident occurs at night, not be as stringent? I had her help me take her sheets off the bed this morning. I'm sure she understands that she should have held her pee until the morning.

We're happy that Patty Potty (Hanah to her) has been here to guide and help with this process! She even went poop the other day (tootsie rolls!)




Congratulations!! You have done it.

RE: accidents at night, no you should not make her do the practice runs for night time accidents. Just because a child is potty trained during the day does not mean that s/he will be potty trained for night time.

Bed wetting is a common problem that affects 5-6 million children.

There are two types of bedwetting or nocturnal enuresis - primary and secondary enuresis.

In primary nocturnal enuresis (PNE), children have never achieved complete night time control, always wetting at least a couple times a month.

According to Dr Greene, at age 5 about 15% of the children still have PNE or wet their bed once or twice a month.

Research has shown that primary nocturnal enuresis is often inherited. If both parents were bed-wetters, then 77% of their children will be. If one parent was a bed wetter, than 44% of the children will be bedwetters. If neither parents were bed wetters, there is still a 15% chance that the child will be a bedwetter.

My older son wet his bed quite a bit initially. The frequency went down significantly after the first few month after his was potty trained during the day, but night time accidents continued until about age 10, the frequency decreasing greatly. So between 2.5 and 3 years (he was trained at 30 months), he probably wet the bed every other week. Then between ages 3-4 it was probably once a month and then after that it was every couple of months. Between ages 5-10, he probably wet his bed a total of 5 - 8 times. My younger child has never wet his bed.

So each child is unique. Do not worry too much about bed wetting, at least at the younger age. If she continues to wet her bed past age 5 and the frequency is high, then you will want to talk with you pediatrician.

If she continues to wet the bed, you may consider using pull ups at night. Make sure that she takes them off as soon as she gets up so that if she has not wet them, then she has a chance to urinate in the potty and not the pull up.

Also, make it easy for her to be able to go to the potty at night. Change her bed around so that she can get out of bed and have night lights so that if she gets up with the urge to go potty, she can go potty.

Last but not least, take a look through out night time potty training products.

I hope this has been helpful to you. Please let me know how things go.

Have a great day!


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