Help with Practice Runs for Potty Training in One Day Method

I have received everything and I read thru the handbook last night. I have 2 questions.

  1. I am not sure I understand the 9 times....I get it by meaning that Patty had an accident so now she needs to practice 9 times but what is she practicing and in what time span...

  2. My daughter has had issues with holding everything in...She mad her self sick a week ago, which was the same day I placed the order for this doll. I plan on having our big day perhaps next weekend to allow some more time to go by since this incident. I want my daughter to get excited about the big day and I wanted to show her the doll and explain what we are going to do.

Do you think this is going to cause her more anxiety...??? daughter is 3 1/2 years old.


Hello Lisa,

Re: practice runs - the goal is provide a consequence that your child will not like and this consequence builds muscle memory. So basically, after you clean up i.e. change doll or child into clean underwear - you make them run to the potty from different parts of the house to simulate what they would do if they had to go do the first couple of runs from where she had the accident, but then move out to different parts of the house - i.e. if Patty was watching TV and had to potty what would she do? She would run to the potty - pull her pants down and go potty. Basically running to the potty - pulling pant down - sitting on the potty and then getting up and pulling the pants back up...takes on a few seconds...the whole 9-10 practice runs would take less than 5 mins. if your child is cooperative. If you child is having tantrums, let them finish the tantrum and then finish the left over runs. I hope this make sense - if not let me know.

Re: holding issues or potty training resistance - if she is holding it - then she may not be ready for potty training or if she is resisting than they may be other reasons.

I would like you to read this readiness article, especially the part on social and emotional readiness - if it is a control issue - then wait a while until she is out of this phase.

If it is not control issues - then you need to know why she is resisting. This article may help you identify the reason she is holding back and once you know why she is holding back, then you can start the address the reason.

I hope these suggestions are helpful. You know where to reach me if you have more questions!!


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Not releasing urine (3/18/2010) Reviewer: Marie (Rocky Point, NY) We have dabbled in the potty training field here and there, but when we set a day aside for it, and we put underwear on, he just doesn't urinate.
He holds it in, and I am quite a bit concerned about that.
Is he not ready yet?