Potty Training Regression in Child with Growth Hormone Deficiency


I have a 34 month old boy who we were very successful using the Toilet Training in Less Than a Day of what Dr Phil is using. And it worked....then my son was diagnosed with Growth Hormone Deficiency and is now on Growth Hormone Injections daily.

He has grown 2.5 inches in 3 months, and now is having many accidents. I have spoken with his Drs and the drug company and no one wants to make any links to the set back and the drugs.

Have you heard from any other parents with this problem!!! We were accident free for over 2 months...now it happens daily...

Please help if you can.

Cheryl Hernandez, CPI


I am sorry, I have not heard from any parents about the effect of Growth Hormone injections and potty training regression.

I would suggest that you try asking Dr. Greene at his site - www.drgreene.org. I like what he has to say on potty training, so since he is a trained pediatrician, he may have some thoughts for you.

I am sorry I could not be of further assistance.


Narmin Parpia

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GH and toilet training (12/17/2011) Reviewer: Molly (palermo, ca) Talk to endocrinologist they are very familiar with this as it is almost always the case with gh or pituitary issues.
(10/11/2009) Reviewer: Maureen DeBourge (Troy, IL) I HOPE THIS GETS EASIER OVER THE NEXT COUPLE OF YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for the Response! (12/16/2008) Reviewer: Cheryl Hernandez

Email From Customer:


Thanks for the response, in general any tips on handling the regression? Do I start the two process over again?


Our Response:


Normally, children regress or resist because there is a reason (other than medical or related to medications such as growth hormone injections), so basically I recommend that the parent figure out the reason and once they know what the reason is, then they can work out a plan to address the reason and help the child overcome the issue.

This article helps identify the reasons and also links to all the other related resistance and regression articles.

I hope this helps.

Please do let me know how things go with you and your son. If there is a relationship between this medication and his regression, I will gladly post the information on my site so that other parents out there struggling with the same issue can learn from your struggle.

Take care and have a great day.


Follow-Up From Cheryl (12/16/2008) Reviewer: Narmin Parpia (Pearland, TX)

Dear Parents,

Cheryl called me today to thank me for helping her out and also wanted me to post this information, so that if you are out there - struggling with similar issues as Cheryl, then hopefully this forum will provide you with a place to communicate with each other. So, please, post your comments or go to my website at www.pottytrainingconcepts.com and email me and I will gladly pass your email to Cheryl.

Narmin Parpia