Is Potty Training Regression Normal?

I wrote you a week ago. My little girl has been training since last Monday. She is doing wonderful. She had 4 days of no mistakes, not even a mistake at night, she would stay dry all night long and pee in the morning on the chair. Yesterday and Today she has made some mistakes. Is it normal for her to regress a bit? Seemed like she had the concept down and now all of the sudden we are back to doing our practice runs. She hates to do the practice runs but we get all nine in.

Is there a way I can teach her to tell me she has to pee pee. She can say the word pee pee and ca ca and she understands when she has to go, but how can I teach her to tell me in time to take her to the potty? We have ventured out to stores and I just take her before we shop and after, but I want to teach her to tell me when she has to go.

Once again, thanks for this awesome product, I am recommending it to everyone I know who is ready to potty train :)


Hello Jaimee,

I am thrilled to hear that your daughter is doing so well. You must be so proud of her!! I cannot remember what you told me her age was, how old is she?

I am guessing that she has regressed because she is probably just testing you to see how serious you are about all this. We are asking these little guys for a big change. All this time they could play or do whatever they wanted and go potty at the same time, no problem. Now all of a sudden, we expect them to stop all that they are doing and go to the potty. Of course, this does interfere with their fun. I am glad to hear that you did do the practice runs. You have to reinforce that you are serious about this.

Re: Getting her to tell you, you just have to talk with her and tell her that she needs to tell you. If she is going on her own, than that is just great, but I see your point that you would want her to tell you when that she has to go, when you are out and about.

You are doing so well, just be patient and work on the other stuff with her. She sounds like she knows what she is doing and I am sure when you look back in a week or two, you will actually be surprised at how quickly she is going potty perfectly!!!

I hope this has been helpful. Please let me know if there are any other questions. I try my best, I don't always have all the answer either!!


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