Resisting the Potty

My 2 1/2 year old granddaughter is resisting putting anything solid in the potty or the toilet. We have wetting down although she will not stop playing to go to the potty and has accidents sometimes. She just says no when I know that it is time and I send her to the potty.

She sits there and then runs behind a door or hides and goes in her pants. We are using underwear only and this gets really messy sometimes.

She does like going to the regular toilet but that does not help us with this problem.

I need any help you can give,


There are number a reasons why children resist using the potty. This article describes why and you will have to figure out why she is resisting and then come up with a plan based on why you think she is resisting.

I hope the article is helpful. Please let me know if there are any other questions or issues that I can address.


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NO GO (6/10/2011) Reviewer: Lora B (Hereford, AZ) My daughter turns 5 next month and she refuses to use the potty at all, she says she doesn't want to be a "big girl" - what's up with that?

Potty Training Concepts:

She just might have potty fears which are very common or she is just resisting. If there has been some changes in the home, that also can affect her being potty trained. She will realize that this is something that she has to do. Just keep taking her the potty every couple of hours and make it a fun activity. Reward her when she does go potty.


Massive Resistance from my (7/15/2009) Reviewer: Deborah Pancaro (Huntington, WV) I know this sounds terrible but my son turns four on Monday and REFUSES to even go near the potty. What should I do? What CAN I do? He keeps saying he is scared when I ask him why but I think he is just saying that honestly.