Is This the Right Time to Potty Train


I thought your website was set up well. The only thing that caused me to look elsewhere before purchasing was that I was unable to easily determine your shipping costs. I prefer to have a general idea before placing items in the cart.

I find the potty on the go an essential. Your prices on the liners were better than other sites. This is my first time purchasing the piddle pad. I have been interested in for a while. It was a convenient purchase since I was ordering other items also.

I do have a few questions.

My son, Emmett, who will be three in January, appears to have all the readiness signs for Potty Training.

However, we had our third baby about 6 weeks ago. Emmett has done great with the adjustment. It was a minimal transition for us as a family. We have had lots of visitors, but have been able to maintain our normal routine. My concern, is that is always seems as if there is something that can come up, such as my husband traveling, that can delay potty training.

We were planning on preparing ourselves and him over the next few days. My husband was going to take Monday off and we were going to have the "Big Day" then. I would expect next week to be dedicated to follow up. On Sunday, less than a week from the "Big Day", my sister will be here visiting for a week and my husband will be traveling. The next week we will have family here, including my husband's parents for a week. Emmett just adores my sister and she is fantastic with him. I thought that her positive praise along with the grandparents would be helpful and encouraging. My sister has experience with potty training, is a teacher, and has a little boy of her own also.

I was hoping to have him trained a solid month before going to school in February. Is this too much going on, or is it reasonable to think that he will benefit from the positive attention?

Thank you,



Thank you for taking the time to respond. I really appreciate it.

I appreciate your feedback on shipping costs. I am that way as well when shopping online so when I read your email, it was a "duh" moment for me!! I will make sure it gets added to the website in the next few days!!

RE: Your son Emmett and transitions, from reading your email it sounds like you have a great home environment and are a fairly relaxed about being a parent and a new parent on top of it!! I don't think you will have much of an issue with it. My only other suggestion would be to glance through this article. I wrote it about a month ago and want to incorporate the details into the training guide, but have not done so yet!! Pay special attention to the info on emotional and social awareness.

It sounds like you have a great home environment and Emmett has already adjusted to having a new sibling. Everything else you describe is more or less part of normal life for you, you don't view it as a big thing so I am sure Emmett does not view it as a major thing either.

You would be surprised though because for some people having visitors, holidays and having company stay over is very stressful, so for them I would not recommend it. For you, it sounds like you take it in stride and this is life and it is actually fun, so I am sure your son sees it that way as well.

Also, giving yourself and Emmett a whole month is just great. If you follow the "Potty Train in One Day" process, you should be over the hurdles of accidents in a maximum of two weeks, this means that you have to follow through on the consequences.

I feel like I am going on and on, so I would say go ahead and do let me know how things go.

Have a great New Year.


PS - I think that he will benefit from the positive attention. I just potty trained my friendĘs son before the holidays and thru the holidays they slipped back a little i.e. put pull-ups on him when going shopping and to visit family and friends, so he regressed and started going in them instead of the potty. I was talking with her a couple of days ago and he was there. When she asked him if he wanted to speak with me (loves to talk to me on the phone) he said no. He said I in trouble with Narmin because I am not going in the potty!! He's been doing better ever since!

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