Scared of a Bowel Movement

Dear Narmin,

After many delays, We finally potty trained our 29 month old last week. She's doing great with the peeing, but is scared to have a bowel movement on the potty. Any suggestions???

Overall, I found your products very useful. I think that it would have been helpful to know what age your boys were, when you potty trained them. I know that each child is different, but it's nice to have some frame of reference.

Also, did your boys start staying dry through the night straight away, or did that come later? I think my daughter is staying dry at night, but when she's waking up in the morning, she goes in bed without thinking about it. As you can see we still have a way to go!!! Any tips are much appreciated.



Hello Simone,

I do mention that I potty trained my boys at the age of 30 months for the older one and 33 months for the younger one. I guess it is on the website, but not in the book. I will add that detail in when I update the book.

Regarding: Dry at night, my younger one (my little angel), has never wet his bed. He is too particular to do that!! - he is the little organized child, clean room, easy to raise!! My older son (my strong willed child!!) did wet his bed until the age of about 12. Initially, right after the potty training, he was wetting about once a week.

I clearly remember one morning, (I was working outside the home then), I was ready for work. I came into his room to get him dressed for day care and found that he had wet his bed and my response was not again!! He of course heard me and was just as disappointed with himself and told me that maybe he is not a big boy and should start wearing diapers again. Made me realize how important it was to keep my feeling in check!! Since that day I just cleaned up and kept my frustration to myself.

Anyway, after that day it did not seem as frequently, however he did wet his bed on and off until about the age of 12. As he got older, the frequency went down significantly. In the last 5-8 years, it was once every 6 months. He is now 13 and the last time he wet the bed was probably over a year ago. I hope this was helpful.

The Dr. Greene website has great information on bed wetting. Type "bed wetting" in the search box and you will find excellent information on why they wet, for how long etc.

What is your daughter wearing through the night?

You are probably right, most of us (especially as we get older!!) go right after waking up, so if she wakes up and stays in bed for a few minutes, she probably goes in the bed.

My thoughts and suggestions on the subject:

1) Try and be there to wake her up so you can take her to the potty right away. Try and do this for a couple of weeks. Not only will this help her understand what she need to do, it will tell you if she is wetting at night or in the morning.

2) If she is wetting at night and is doing it more that once a week, use pull ups, the feel and learn kind. Give both of you a break for a few months. Then try underwear again to see if how she is doing through the night.

I hope this has been helpful to you. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Have a great day!


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