Potty Scotty is Great!

Sent: Fri 1/28/2005 10:36 AM

Narmin -

Scotty arrived YESTERDAY afternoon - talk about fast!!!  Scott's great - the detail of his anatomy is amazing - my hubby and I got a good chuckle from it last night.

I tried him out last night and am getting the hang of how to use him.  Great idea on how to get him to pee by squeezing his leg!  I am getting a bit of leakage before I intend him to pee, but I'm sure it's because I'm not well practiced yet.  His right leg is a bit stiff (hard to get it to bend to have him sit down), but it's probably just because he's new.  I'll keep moving it - hopefully it'll loosen up more before this weekend.  You included 2 bottles - is the smaller bottle intended for me to use to covertly wet Scotty's pants?

Read your training guide - VERY well written & like you said, so much more succinct than the book.  I'm going to try the lukewarm water approach for the first pee - great suggestion.  I remember it taking forever for our daughter to pee the first time on the potty - I resorted to making up a song (complete with Mommy singing the majority of the song, marching around the room and our daughter responding with the last word) to relax her/occupy her while we waited.  I plan to use it again with our son - he's heard it a few times & thinks its funny because our daughter still wants to sing it occasionally.  ("When we have to pee-pee, we go to the potty, because we like dry pants and wet pants are icky" - The poo-poo verse says messy pants are icky).

Anyway, I'm in prep mode today - the plan is to start tomorrow.  Will contact you if I have any further questions. 



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