Potty Training System with Potty Scotty

Sent: Sun 1/16/2005 2:08 PM

Praise for your Program!

Your program is just WONDERFUL!  Before we purchased it, our three year old son would have nothing to do with the potty.  If we put him on it he would literally scream.  I was skeptical to say the least that your program would train him in one day.

The "big day" was a frustrating one.  It seemed that it wasn't going to work.  Then by day's end he was going on the potty and no more diapers ever since.

We've had a few accidents since the big day, but they get less frequent with each day and somedays he doesn't have any!  I can't tell you how pleased we were with your program.I have recommended you to every parent that I know!

Thanks so much!

James & Deborah Kingsmill
Baytown, TX

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