Potty Scotty a big hit!

Sent: Wed 10/20/2004 9:00 AM
Dear Narmin,
I recieved the new bottle and it solved the problem of Scotty sitting to go pee pee.  The other bottle was half the size and water would come out of his mouth when we fed him so I thought he was full.  He is now working perfectly. 

Kyle loves the doll so much, he takes him for walks in his stroller.  Scotty helps him to feel like a real big boy in so many ways.  Thanks for the input on night time wetting.  I did go to pull ups at night and I didn't make a big issue of them. I called them underwear and reminded him to try and keep them dry.  The other night he was dry in the morning and this morning he was wet, but still went potty this morning and we put underwear on right away.  I suppose this is what we'll do for a while. I have told all my friends and family about the doll - most of their children are a bit younger and not ready for potty training yet.  They were very interested in using the doll when it is time.

Sincerely, Raina Abramson

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