Potty Patty awaiting results

Sent:Thu 7/22/2004 8:18 AM
Hello Narmin,

We have a home childcare with 12 children, most of which are toddlers. We ordered the Potty Scotty for the Boys and the Potty Patty for the girls. We received the products in good condition. The children love them and practiced feeding the dolls their bottles and then making them pee for several hours. The dolls are difficult to give water to without drenching their shirts. We just stripped the dolls to their underwear and that seems to be o.k.. We have potty trained many toddlers throughout the years, however we have one girl who is very difficult.She will be 3 in a few weeks. She will sit on the potty a lot throughout the day but never urinate or has a BM in it. Then after she has pulled up her clothes she pees a few minutes later  and then goes to her cubby and changes her clothes. We will see if this has an effect on her. 

Sincerely Janet

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