Potty Scotty Potty Training System-Perfect Doll

Sent:Fri 5/21/2004 2:09 PM

I first saw the doll on ebay, then i decided to go to the web site and find out more about the doll. I also saw the dr phil show on potty training. iI thought it was a very good idea to use a doll to help with the potty training process. So since i saw the show i have been searching for the perfect doll. I didn't have any luck, untill i found your dolls. it was also very hard to find a anotomically correct boy doll . if i did find one, he didn't wet. I was also very surprised about the price of the doll ( in a good way ). I  expected to pay alot more for the doll. I am going to tell my friend who is trying to potty train her daughter about the doll. I want to thank you for comming up with such a good idea. I havent recived my doll yet , but i think it will help my son out alot. I hoped my input has helped you.


Lindsay Tenorio

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