Potty Training Kit

Sent: Tuesday, May 11, 2004 9:32 PM

This process actually went very well, better than I had anticipated, actually.  And, basically, it only took a day.  I believe that the doll helped significantly, but the clincher was the 9 trips for the accidents.  I do not recall first "outings" as a part of the pamphlet, which would have been helpful.  Also, something that worked very well for us: while we were doing an activity, such as playing with trains, or watching a show, we would ask our son, "Braden, if you have to pee while we are playing with the trains, (or watching the show, etc.), where do you go?"  Instead of asking if he had to go pee all the time.  He would always answer, "To the potty." And we all knew the desired behavior.  Thanks for all the help.  Worth every penny! 

Karie Lee

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