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Sent:Wed 5/5/2004 5:39 PM

I'm so glad I came across your web site and decided to order the Potty Scotty doll. I found you on e-bay and decided to bid on a doll. When the doll arrived, I was anxious to see how he worked so I unpacked him and fed him a bottle. Then I called my son into watch Scotty pee in the potty. My son immediately moved the doll over, pulled his pants down, and peed in the potty himself! I couldn't believe. it.

We scheduled the Big Day of training on a weekday when we had no where to go. I transferred my phone calls so I wouldn't be disturbed. I was dreading spending hours with my son in the bathroom doing the training. He's so full of energy I thought he'd be climbing the walls and fighting me. When the Big Day arrived, we ended up having so much fun. It was great to spend that much quality time with him with no other distractoions. We both enjoyed the day very much. When he would have an accident and we did the practice runs, he would laugh and get a kick out us running through the house together. Then, came day two. Not so much fun! My son never initiated going to the otty on his own, and had numerous accidents. He started throwing a fit everytime we'd dothe practice runs. I just stuck with it and made him do them anyways. By the third day, he was initiating going potty on his own and only had one or two accidents all day. Within a week, he was at 95% trained!

I can't believe how quickly he learned. The doll and the pamphlet you sent me were lifesavers. It's a lot of work for a couple of days, but it was well worth it. The best part of the whole experience has been the support you have provided me daily via e-mail. You're stories and on-going advice and support reassured me through the process. I know how busy you must be and I really appreciate all the chats we've had via e-mail.

I will be spreading the word about your products and web site!

Thanks again,

Laurel Boylan
Clovis, CA

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