Potty Training Kit

Sent:Thu 4/15/2004 10:42 AM

It's great to see someone committed to true customer service. Not only do you care, but you also wish to find ways to improve everything you do. I think that alone will get you many customers.

As to the product, the only reason we purchased the kit versus the complete program is that we had already purchased a potty. I'm guessing that we will be ordering the potty seat from you soon.

In addition to the anatomically correct boy doll, which we feel was important, we feel the information in the booklet alone was worth the money we paid. We had already purchased a Fisher Price girl doll that we were going to dress as a boy, but we were uncomfortable with the fact that there wasn't a boy doll available, until we found yours. Most of the other dolls we saw also had no hair, like a much younger baby would have. Your doll looks more like a 2 year old would.  My only recommendation would be to add more types of "looks." A red-headed doll, brown hair, black hair, different skin tones, etc. Some parents would think that is important.

As we progress thru the process we will offer more feedback, but we are very happy with our purchase. Thank you for supplying a great product.


Perry Rintye

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