Potty Training in One Day-really, really works!

Sent: Sunday, November 08, 2009 2:00 PM


Potty training in one day it REALLY REALLY works. My daughter turns 3 in December 09 and she is finally very happy to be potty trained. We tried toilet training in July but she was not ready.

She had all the signs but did NOT want to do it. I also feel like I did not have all the tools to be a good teacher. Thank you for giving such great instructions and a method that is so do-able for both the parent and child. I had some skeptical buying the doll, the book and the DVD.

Boy oh boy am I glad I got the whole system despite my skepticism. This product has been worth every single penny. It is worth it to see the pride in my daughters face. She goes both number 1 AND 2 on the potty. Literally all done in 1 day for number 1 and day 2 for number 2. AWESOME. Great! GREAT! So rewarding for us both. I can't thank you enough. I am so glad my friend recommended Potty Training In One Day.

I vow to tell all my friends and new moms all about it. What a FANTASTIC product. Potty Training in One Day REALLY REALLY WORKS!!!!!!!! YAAA.


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