Gerber All In One Training Pant

Sent: Fri 2/17/2006 8:55 AM

I was very excited to find the Gerber all in one training pant on your website.  I bought a few pair a couple of months ago at my local KMart, but when I went to purchase more, have not been able to find them anywhere.  I went online last night to and everywhere that they listed on their website for online purchase did not have the item available.  I even called the 800 number for Gerber and was told that they are discontinuing the item, but the customer service rep. suggested that I Google the name of the item and see if I would have any success that way. 

I do wish, however, that your shipping costs were not quite so high, but it is worth it if I am able to get the training pants.

Thank you!

Jo Ann Waggoner

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Gerber All In One Training Pant (10/9/2009) Reviewer: L. Dombeck (Iron Ridge, WI) I've been looking and looking for training pants for boys. I finally found these. Unfortunately there is nothing smaller than 2T. Our grandson is 27 mos. and can't hold up 24 mo. bottoms. But I thought I'd try these pants anyway. Within 15 minutes of putting the trainers on him, he was wet, the carpet was wet and the couch was wet. I was never so disappointed. I had better luck years ago with foam filled waffle weave trainers and good old fashioned rubber pants. And we could get them to fit, as our boys wore a size smaller bottoms. I would not recommend these at all.