Potty Scotty love this Training System

Sent: Sat 1/29/2005 8:24 AM

Dear Narmin,

I was very happy to receive our Potty Scotty in the mail :)  We are using him as an aid for toilet training our 21 month old boy, Teddy.  Though he is a little younger then recommended, we felt that he was showing signs of readiness.  I figured if he wanted to take off his diaper and run around the house, there should be a potty seat next to him that he could use!

He is doing wonderfully!  He does not speak many words, but knows that his pee-pee (and Scotty's) is an "uh-oh" on the floor.  He will make it to the potty several times a day, though we are not pushing him or doing intense training at this time.  Right now he is still learning when he needs to go.

When Teddy first saw Scotty, he immediately fell in love with him!  Face it, the doll is adorable!  He immediately took off his clothes, and seeing a penis, thought he should put Scotty on the toilet with no coaxing from us.  You should have seen his delight when he found out that Scotty could actually "go" ! 

My only complaint is that at the end of the pee-pee, Scotty kind of makes a funny slushing noise and sprays all over the place.  I am not sure if this can be helped due to the nature of the tubing inside that allows him to "hold it".  Even though, I would definitely give him two thumbs up and I would gladly recommend this doll!

Thank you for your ingenious creation!  I hope you have a long, successful journey with these wonderful dolls.

Cathy Peyton

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