Website is comprehensive and helpful

Sent:Mon 8/22/2005 3:23 AM

Thank you so much for your time and assistance! 

The Potty Training Concepts website is comprehensive and helpful--it contains the type of information needed for parents who are contemplating potty training.  Based on my research, no other website provides the type of information and insight that this website provides.  For example, some websites might address the one-day-method of potty training from a scientific perspective that is very process oriented; however, these websites do not offer holistic information that connects the physiological, emotional, and cognitive relationships that exist in a child as he/she becomes ready for potty training and during the potty-training process. 

The website also addresses the concerns of parents, which validated the overwhelming feelings and frustration that I have experienced in simply become prepared for potty training.  For example, the BLOG shared with me the questions and concerns of other parents.  Although the issues of these parents may not be identical to the ones that I have (at this time at least), they demonstrated that I am not the only parent who has needed help; as a result, I feel a little more "normal" and less like a complete doofus when it comes to potty training my toddler.

Most importantly, your kindness and support made all the difference.  When I needed direction and had no where to turn for credible advice, you were there.  Your willingness to talk on the telephone with me (and the initial phone-tag game that we played) demonstrates your commitment to providing the best possible services to customers and to helping people in general.  I never felt as if I needed to "buy something" in order to solicit your assistance; you were simply there--approachable, empathetic, and honest.  

I am very excited about the delivery of Her Majesty's potty chair and am looking forward to Wednesday, the scheduled day of delivery.  Once the chair has been assembled and in place for a week or two, I will e-mail you how big of a success it has been in terms of its size, stability, and so on.I'll also let you know how my toddler responds to her new potty--I think she will love it!

Thank you for everything! Best wishes now and always.



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