Great website and great products

Sent: Fri 7/21/2006 1:59 PM

Thank you for a great website and great products. The underwear are great.

They pull on really easily and have plenty of room, yet fit snugly enough around the legs. The plastic pants work great also. Unfortunately, the potty seat we ordered did not fit our toilet. It was just a bit too big. Our house was built in 1979, and the toilets are more round then the elongated ones you see today.

I really, really appreciated your section on potty seats for special needs children and the fact that you carry larger sized training pants. My son is a bit older than most children are when potty training and he needs a seat with a splash guard, but it has to be big enough for him to sit on and still have room in front to go. I will continue to look until I find something, but thank you for recognizing that there are people out there that need these kinds of things at reasonable prices.

Karen Bueschke

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