Potty Accidents

Potty accidents happen when you are potty training your son or daughter. They may not make it to the bathroom on time or forget to go too. Children are learning something new and they do not know exactly what they are doing either. If you have to keep this in mind, since it really is not their fault that they had a potty accident.

These can happen when trying to get to the bathroom, in the bathroom (missing the toilet) or in their pants too. Not to mention the fact too that it can also happen at night. Potty accidents happen in a range of places and for many reasons as well. Many children can potty train fine during the day, but will have accidents at night.

This can happen since their body does not have all the feelings yet to let them know that they need to use the bathroom and wake them up. Again, this is truly an accident at night too and is not intentional.

Children do feel bad about this and becoming upset with them will only make the situation worse in the long run. Though hard at times, it is much better to stay calm and handle that way. We have all been there and we understand what it is like to potty train a child. That's why we created this entire section to help you deal with potty accidents and how to handle them best.

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