Potty Fear

Potty training is an exciting time in any household. Your son or daughter is growing up and becoming more independent too. They are learning to control their own bodies, as well as the environment around them too. 

It can and should be a lot of fun and exciting too to potty train your son or daughter. However, many times children become very scared of the potty and using the potty. Going pee and poop can take a little longer to them when they are in the bathroom all alone, compared to going in a diaper. 

They do not understand what it happening and the toilet and bathroom can be very scary to them also. It is completely unknown to them and what they are doing, as well as why it is happening. But this does not mean that you will not be able to potty train your son or daughter though.

You will still be able to get them potty trained and have a good time doing it too. That is why we created this entire section on potty training fears and what to do about it when it happens, as well as how to handle it with your son or daughter.

We wanted to make sure that you had everything you needed when it comes to potty training and this entire section is filled with helpful information and resources to help get you through these fears with your child and help start them on the road to potty training success too. For more potty training information and advice, make sure you check out our great section: Potty Training Tips & Info.