Potty Training at Night

Nighttime potty training is very different than daytime potty training. It can be more frustrating too, since there are messes to clean up and accidents that happen. However, you have to keep in mind that this is not intentional by your child.

It truly is an accident, since their body may not have developed the feelings yet to tell them to wake up because their bladder is full and they need to use the potty. This can be the hardest part sometimes for parents to understand, since their child goes potty fine during the day, but has accidents at night regularly.

Though it can be tempting, do not put your child back into diapers at night. This can be very confusing to them when this is done and it may make them want to go back to diapers during the day too. Keep in mind as well that it is a very confusing time for children too, since they are going potty on the toilet during the day, but having accidents at night.

They may be embarrassed or feel bad that they have had an accident. You will need to have a lot of patient at this time when the night time potty training begins. Keep in mind too that every child is different and how quickly they pick it up will vary. However, we understand all of this and have been there ourselves too. That is why we have this section here that covers nighttime potty training and there are plenty of resources and articles to go through.

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