Potty Training for Preschool

Many parents go through the panic that happens when they realize that preschool is starting soon and their child is still not potty trained. It is not that uncommon to have this happen to parents. We all forget that the time is coming and that school will be starting. Suddenly, you realize that your child will be starting school and they are still not potty trained yet.

This is not a good situation to be in though either. It can be very stressful and nerve racking to realize that your child is starting school and still wearing diapers. Especially since schools will not take children into preschool or kindergarten when they are not potty trained, not to mention that some day cares even have policies against taking children of certain ages in to the school when they are not potty trained as well.

Also, going into daycare and not being potty trained can also mean a higher cost of the child care too. However, you can still get your child potty trained in time for school. There are methods that can be used to have your child potty trained and in plenty of time too.

It will take more time on your part, since you will be having to potty train them quicker than normal, however it can still be done and still be an enjoyable experience too. That is why we created this entire section on potty training for pre-school. You will find plenty of helpful tips, tricks and information on how to have your child potty trained in time and make sure you check out Potty Training Tips & Info for all our potty training tips and information.