Dr. Phil's Potty Training

Potty training is an exciting and fun time for your child and you too. Your son or daughter is growing up and learning new things and potty training is one of them. They get to have more control over the world around them, which does include having control over their bladder and bowel movements too.

They have a whole new world opened up to them when they are potty trained, since there are so many things that they can do and activities they can participate in too once they are able to use the toilet. It really opens up the possibilities when it comes to sports, dance classes, art classes, pre-school and more. However, it can also be a little scary at times to know what to do for your child and to figure out how to go about potty training them.

We are not born knowing what to do as parents, any more than they are born knowing to use the potty. So in that way, you and your child get to learn something new together and go through it together too.  However, if you are looking for potty training information and want information from Dr. Phil too, than we have everything and anything on potty training by Dr. Phil. Look through this entire section that is completely filled with tips, resources and articles from Dr. Phil.

There is a lot of information here and plenty to go through, but it is some of the best information on potty training from a trusted and professional doctor. For more potty training information and advice, make sure you check out our great section: Potty Training Tips & Info.