Potty training can be an exciting and fun time for both children and parents too. However, sometimes it can be interrupted with a problem called encopresis. This is when a child holds their bowel movements and the feces build up in their system. Over time of holding these bowel movements, there can be loss off feeling in the anus area, as well as a stretching of the intestines and bowels too. 

This can become a very serious problem if it is not handled quickly in the beginning. The problem can worsen when not handled, since they are losing feeling and not recognizing when they need to go to the bathroom. It can occur for a number of reasons, for instance when their is pain to go to the bathroom for your child, they have been sick or taking medications too. However, though it can become serious, there are ways to take care of it immediately so that it does not become serious for your child. Making sure to take a child to the doctor and take the necessary steps to correct the problem is so important. 

This can also be a very troubling and frustrating time for both parents and children. Children are embarrassed by their accidents and parents are upset by the accidents and having to clean the messes that happen. But, we do understand this and we have numerous articles in this section to help you deal with the problem and make sure that it is taken care of too. Not to mention additional reading on the topic as well.

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