How to Potty Train Your Second Child

Having a second child in the home is so much fun and it is great to watch your two children grow together as well. However, it can seem a bit nerve racking when it comes to potty training a second child in the home though too.

You are being pulled in multiple directions when there is another child in the home and a child that is potty training too. You have multiple responsibilities to take care of and many demands that are coming your way at the same time from both children. 

There are many considerations to take into account and things to think about that never have to be worried about when there is only one child. It can be hard to come up with a schedule to put your child that is potty training on, while still taking care of the other child too.

It can also be hard to determine what the best schedule will be for the entire household to be on, since everyone has different needs and needs different things at different times. However, this does not mean that potty training the second child will be more difficult or not be as much as it was to potty training your first child. It can still be a very enjoyable experience to go through and watch as your child is growing up.

Part of the process may be to have your other child get involved too. Let them help or let your second child even watch their older sibling use the potty so they see that there is nothing to be scared.

This is only one way to handle this situation, in this section you will find answers and many more ways to go about potty training a second child. For more potty training information and advice, make sure you check out our great section: Potty Training Tips & Info.