Potty Training Glossary

When you come to here, we want to make sure you have all the information that you need and that includes the meaning of terminology that is used here too. There are many words that pertain to potty training specifically that you may never have heard of, as well as words that have a different meaning when it comes to potty training and using them in reference to that. 

We created this entire section of potty training glossary words to make sure that no matter what you were reading you would know what the word meant or what it means in the context of potty training.

Look words up in the glossary whenever necessary so that you are always understanding the meaning of anything you are reading, as well as being able to understand the differences in terminology too.

It is amazing how many other words an phrases there are when it comes to potty training and here is where you can find all those answers to any words that you are unsure about. The glossary is large and you will be able to easily go through and find the words and their meaning that you need.

They are set up alphabetically for easy searching and finding, so you will never have a problem finding what you need. This is so important to know what something means and how it pertains to potty training too. So make sure you go through here whenever necessary or when you have a question about a word too. 

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