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For more potty training information and advice, make sure you check out our great section: Potty Training Tips & Info.

Buying Guide for Potty Chairs

Buying Guide for Potty Chairs
There are many different potty chairs that can be purchased when you begin potty training your son or daughter.However, they are all very different and have different features too.
How to select the best potty chair? Types of Potty Chairs How to Choose: Potty Chair or Potty Seat

Buying Guide for Potty Seats

Buying Guide for Potty Seats
There comes a time when you are potty training that the potty chair no longer works.This is usually because a child has physically out grown the potty chair, but at the same time is still too small for the regular big toilet too.
Types of Potty Seats How to select the BEST Potty Seat 1 How to select the BEST Potty Seat 2

Buying Guide for Step Stools

When you start potty training, there are many tools that are needed to help your son or daughter achieve success in potty training so that it is also a very enjoyable and fun experience too.There are potty chairs, potty seats, dolls, books, DVDs, CDs, potty charts, potty stickers and more.
Best Step Stool for Potty Training Types of Step Stools

Buying Guide for Potty Training Pants

If you haven't read already, than you need to know that diapers and pulls ups need to be gone when potty training begins.This is such an important aspect of potty training.
Why use Potty Training Pants? Potty Training Pants Rundown Potty Training Pants... Not Pull-ups.

Buying Guide for Potty Training Dolls

You may have heard about using potty training dolls when it comes to potty training your child.These are made for both boys and girls and can be very effective in teaching and showing your child what is supposed to happen when they go potty on the toilet.
General Information on Potty Training Dolls Drink-and-Wet Dolls Comparison What Makes Potty Scotty & Patty Dolls So Special?

Buying Guide for Potty Books, DVDs & CDs

There is never a time when you do not need more information when it comes to potty training a child.There is a lot to know and a lot to learn too so that you can successfully help your child be potty trained.
5 Things to Look for in Childrens Potty Books Free Potty Songs Lyrics Once Upon a Potty Song

Buying Guide for Charts, Stickers & Aids

Potty training has many tools that can be used to successfully potty train your son or daughter.The tools will work differently with every child and many times it may be a case of trial and error when it comes to figuring out what works and what does not work to motivate your child when it comes to potty training.
Phasing Out Potty Rewards Potty Training Rewards System Quick Tips: Teaching Your Son to Aim

Buying Guide for Potty DVDs

There are a lot of DVDs that can be purchased that go over potty training and how to potty training.These can be a lot of fun for many children to watch, since they get to see other kids their own age using the potty and not being scared of it.
Video of Dr. Sears Potty Training Tips Dr Phil Potty Training Video Potty Training in One Day on Good Morning Texas