Buying Guide for Potty DVDs

There are a lot of DVDs that can be purchased that go over potty training and how to potty training. These can be a lot of fun for many children to watch, since they get to see other kids their own age using the potty and not being scared of it. in addition, they are a great way to help your child to mimic the behavior they are seeing in the DVDs.

Behavior mimicking is one of the great ways to teach children to potty train and these videos do just that. This is just one method of potty training that works very well when teaching children to use the toilet and the DVDs are great way to teach children to mimic others and to have them mimic behavior they are seeing, since they are able to visually see what is happening and what they are supposed to do too.

However, there are quit a few videos available for potty training and it can be hard to tell which ones to use and which will work best for your child too. You want to get the videos that will be most useful and that your child will like best. 

We created this entire section to go over potty training videos and all the different types there are. You will find out plenty of other information about potty training here too. You will want to go through all the tips and information here to find everything that you want, make sure you check out our great section: Potty Training Tips & Info.