When to Potty Train

When to Potty Train

There is no set age at which potty training or toilet training should begin; the right time depends on your child's development and readiness. But don't worry, there are ways and signs to tell if your child is able and ready to be potty trained.

Potty Training Readiness - 4 Signs of Child Readiness:

  1. physiological development (bladder and bowel control)
  2. motor skills
  3. his/her cognitive and verbal development and
  4. emotional & social awareness.

You may have the same question that many parents have and that is when to potty train. This is a hard question to answer in the sense that there is no exact right answer. People may be telling you that you have to potty train now or that you should wait. Everyone has an opinion when it comes to when to potty train a child and how it should be done too. This can be very frustrating, especially if you feel your child is ready or you feel your child is not ready.

Ultimately it really comes down to what you think is best and how to go about it too. Though people interfering is tiring, there are ways to handle it. So we created this section to help answer those questions about when to potty train, what signs to look for and even handling pressure form others when it comes to potty training.

We wanted to make sure that we answered all the questions that you have when it comes to potty training and we created this section so you can find out all about when to begin the potty training process and what these factors are that make your child ready for potty training too.

We wanted to make sure that you always have all the information that you need to make potty training an enjoyable and fun process for both you and your child. So here we have everything you need to know about when to potty train. There is a large assortment of articles and information here to go through to have your questions answered.​ For more potty training information and advice, make sure you check out our great section: Potty Training Tips & Info.

Potty Training Age

Every child potty trains at a different age and there is no right age necessarily as to when to begin potty training.This can be a tough question to answer and really comes down to when your child is ready to potty train more so than their actual age. However, it can be hard to always know when your child is ready to begin potty training or what age to start the process in.
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Potty Training for Preschool

Many parents go through the panic that happens when they realize that preschool is starting soon and their child is still not potty trained.It is not that uncommon to have this happen to parents.
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Potty Training at Night

Nighttime potty training is very different than daytime potty training.It can be more frustrating too, since there are messes to clean up and accidents that happen.
Potty Accidents at Night (Bedwetting) What do I do About Night Time Accidents?

Potty Training Attire

When it comes to potty training there is a lot to remember and keep in mind too.Between potty seats, potty chairs, books, DVDs, CDs, potty dolls and most importantly training pants too, it can be hard to keep track of it all.
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