What To Do When Your Child Won't Stop Playing To Go Potty

It is not uncommon for children to not want to stop playing to use the potty. Once they have become engaged in an activity and they are focused on doing it, it can be hard for some children to switch gears and do something else.

This can happen with children that are just beginning to be potty trained to children that are almost completely potty trained to children that are completely potty trained too. It all depends on the child and if this happens.

If your child won't stop playing to use the potty, there are a few things that can be done:

Get your child a potty watch or potty timer.

The potty watch is a great choice since they are wearing it and it is with them all the time to remind them to use the bathroom, even when they are playing. It is an audible signal to get them to switch tasks and move onto something else.

The potty timer works as well, except it does need to be carried from place to place. However, if your child is in a stationary place playing, than the potty timer is perfect to put next to them to remind them to use the potty.

Make sure they are wearing training pants or underwear

If they do have an accident while playing they will feel that they are wet or soiled. This will not be a comfortable feeling and this should help them to remember to go to the bathroom.

Plus, if they do have an accident because they would not stop playing, make sure that they help you clean up the mess that it made. They need to change their underwear or training pants and wipe up anything that got on the floor or furniture. They than need to be taken to the potty to make sure that they do not need to go anymore.

Remind them verbally that it is time to use the bathroom.

This is similar to any time a child is playing and does not want to stop to eat dinner or go to bed. You may need to intervene at that point, take away the toys and make them stop to go to the bathroom. This should be used as a last resort, since you want them to recognize when they need to use the potty and not have to remind them.

When it comes to children and playing, there needs to be firm rules in place that when it is time to use the potty, they must go. They cannot be allowed to hold it or continually have accidents because they do not want to stop. Though it is not uncommon for children to do, the issue needs to be taken care of as soon as it begins to happen to make sure that it does not become a habit either. 

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Four year old resisting potty training (3/4/2012) Reviewer: Chas (Sanpete, Utah) Our four year old not only won't stop playing to go potty, but fights us if we try to remind him. He ignores the potty timer, and continues to fight when he's wriggling like a worm. He was almost completely potty trained a few months ago (had it down except night-time), but now he's constantly going in his pants.
Too Lazy (1/10/2012) Reviewer: Amanda (Melfort, SK) I have tried reminding my son, pullups, rewards nothing I try seems to work. He knows when he has to go ie just when we pull down the pullups he says wait mom I have to go pee and he runs to the bathroom. As for poop he knows the feeling and says he has to poop but won't sit on the toilet to go poo. Instead he goes in the pullup. Please help me Sincerely Confused