Biodegradable Diaper Bags by Classy Kid

Biodegradable Diaper Bags by Classy Kid
Biodegradable Diaper Bags by Classy Kid
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Not only are these biodegradable diaper bags a convenient way to help you dispose of waste, but they help the earth too!

These Clean and Green disposable, biodegradable bags:

  • Contain the stink!
  • Cut down on air borne disease transmission
  • Are sanitary, convenient, and green!
  • Include 75 baby diaper bags per pack

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Product Specifications

UPC 012914000502
Color Green , Black
Pattern Solid
Brand Summer Infant
Product Type Bags , Potty Accessories
Product Gender Unisex
Product Audience Baby , Kids
Bag Type Disposable Bags
Room Nursery
Department Car + Automotive , Home + Garden , Luggage + Bags

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Love it!! (Aug 01, 2011) Reviewer: Nyma My 3 year old loves it. He is a BIG Thomas fan and on the first day he got it, he stopped using the potty.
work fine, but not so green! (Aug 11, 2009) Reviewer: Grace I received these as a gift when my daughter was born, and I think it's a great idea. I use them with my dirty cloth diapers to store in my diaper bag without making it smell. For that use, they work great. But the majority of people will be using them with regular disposables. How is it helping the earth if the diapers inside the bag aren't biodegradable? It's great in theory, but it'll only really be earth-friendly if the diaper inside is completely biodegradable as well.
Don't Understand (Mar 16, 2010) Reviewer: Vedra

Why wouldn't these underpants replace pampers or pull ups??? The purpose is to replace either with the underpants so the child will not depend on the pamper or pull up.

Our Response;

Our training pants are not intended to contain mulitple eliminations, as a diaper is. They are also not intended to protect the childs skin from moisture, as that is counter productive to potty training.

The intent of training pants is to absorb the elimination and still allow the child to feel uncomfortable due to being in their elimination.


bags are green if you are (Oct 10, 2012) Reviewer: mary

We use the biodegradable Gdiaper inserts & biodegradable wipes with these bags, so EVERYTHING goes back into the earth.

We have curbside compost where I live so I put them all on the curb (except the poopy ones). Of course, if you use regular disposable diapers, then getting these bags only slightly helps the problem of the huge amount of diapers going into the landfills.

Bio Bags Are Good (Apr 13, 2011) Reviewer: Ms Molly I think any bio bag is a good idea! It's actually more important to have a biodegradable bag than a plastic bag because once the bag is gone the insides can begin their long process of breaking down. If the outer bag is plastic, nothing goes away at all. We are a cloth diapering family, but we support things like this because we know there are people out there who aren't as conscious of their impact. Little things do help.