Corolle Potty Doll - Emma for Girls

Corolle Potty Doll - Emma for Girls
Corolle Potty Doll - Emma for Girls Corolle Potty Doll - Emma for Girls
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Available for Boy or Girl: Corolle Potty Doll - Emma for GirlsCorolle Potty Doll - Emma for Girls

This potty doll by Corolle is named Emma. She is 14" tall, had blue eyes that blink and her face is hand painted. She is wearing a tee shirt and some panties. She has a wonderful vanilla scent.

Emma is a drink and wet-on-demand potty training doll. She drinks the water and hold it in her. She will go potty when you are ready to have her go potty.

She is also a great play doll. Not only can your child make her drink water and make her go potty, but she can take Emma into the bath with her. When Emma lays down, she closes her eyes to go to sleep!

Emma by Corolle comes with the following accessories:

  • A pink potty chair
  • A bottle to feed her
  • A pacifier with a pink ribbon tied around it

Terri Crane who authored the book Potty Train Your Child in Just One Day recommends using the Corolle potty training dolls - Emma for Girls and Paul for Boys. Also see ALL the Potty Training in One Day Books and DVDs that we offer on our site.

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Product Specifications

UPC 027084905465
Color Pink , Black
Brand Corolle
Product Type Potty Dolls
Product Gender Female
Ethnicity White / Caucasian
Potty Doll Features Drink and Wet , Wet on Demand , Doll Potty Included , Wearing Diapers

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